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Employer Advantages

There are many benefits to having a diverse workforce; a great number of employers have been broadening their recruitment efforts to hire individuals with disabilities. Currently, there are a great deal of qualified, skilled and enthusiastic people with disabilities who are often overlooked as potential employees. Most of these candidates possess a willingness to learn new skills and to contribute as an active part of the company that hires them. Employers and supervisors will receive support from the Coalition agencies working with their employees.

Employers receive additional benefits such as tax credits granted for employer programs that include disabled employees. These are available to companies through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program. In some cases, this credit can be up to $2,400. You can find specific information on tax credits and program requirements here. 

Link: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/eta/wotc

In some cases, disabled individuals may need adaptive techniques or equipment to perform their job at their best. We provide the necessary assistance to employers in this regard; acting as a representative of the employee and assisting the employer on any necessary modifications. Most of these accommodations are minor and inexpensive; frequently used accommodations are job coaches, pictures to show what the finished product should look like, and minor modifications to the work area. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity has assisted in the hiring efforts of hundreds of people over the years and are planning to increase this effort. As our current proven model adapts, we expect to help more disabled workers find employment through our agency and growing base of trusted employers.