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Training opportunities

Personalized services and individualized assistance is available from The Coalition of Workforce Diversity service providers to help workers with disabilities find and maintain a job. These services include job readiness training, creating a resume, completing online job applications, and preparing for job interviews. There are many people without disabilities that have some level of uncertainty in these areas, so specialized assistance is available to those who need it. Coalition service providers will assist people with finding resources to overcome barriers to employment, such as planning for transportation, childcare, work uniforms, etc. Our agency job coaches can help potential employees learn new job skills and understand what is expected of them in their new position.

The Coalition for Workforce Diversity also provides continuing services to help disabled workers maintain employment by clearly and systematically defining role expectations. Our ultimate goal is to find long term employment for workers with disabilities in positions that accentuate their unique skills and contributions while accommodating any special needs they may have that may arise. This support has allowed the Coalition to place over four hundred fifty employees in positions where they excel; benefiting the employer and giving a new sense of purpose and contribution to the individual.

The Transitional Learning Center at UPS