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Several Coalition members offer on the job assistance to individuals with disabilities; assisting them in fundamental work and social skills they will need to be productive employees. Our job coaches also work with company managers and co-workers to seamlessly transition a person with a disability into the workforce. After all, even able bodied individuals face some level of challenge in a new position.


Accessibility Surveys are provided by the Center for Accessible Living or the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to identify physical or programmatic accessibility issues. Rehabilitation Technologists from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Office for the Blind can provide the equipment/ software/ devices to accommodate an individual’s unique needs, if necessary. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity and our job coach team members provide database access and recruitment to Coalition members to better locate potential employees which have expertise in particular areas.


In some cases, sign language services are necessary for effective communication between deaf or hard of hearing workers, employers and current employees. Sign language interpreters can be accessed through the Center for Accessible Living. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity will provide assistance in utilizing these services if necessary. Our job coaches also provide benefits counseling to disabled employees if they need assistance in understanding rights and signing up for transitional programs when going from disability benefits to competitive employment.


Benefits Counselors are available to work with the employees who receive benefits from Social Security (SSDI and SSI). Many potential workers are unaware of the transitional programs available for financial stability while beginning work again. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity can help with this process.


The Coalition for Workforce Diversity relies upon its service providers to let us know when a consumer has been placed at a Coalition employer.  Every month at the end of our meeting, a drawing is held for a gift card among all service providers who have placed and reported their placement for the preceding month. This important information allows us to report to potential funders the value of Coalition’s work. Please see the link below to the form and contact us if you have questions at (502) 645-9636.

CWD Report form 2020